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Live diversity

DVB's business model is international in every respect. With offices in eleven pivotal locations in Europe (Frankfurt/Main, Amsterdam, Athens, Hamburg, London, Oslo and Zurich), in the Americas (New York and Curaçao), as well as in Asia (Singapore and Tokyo), our business divisions have a worldwide presence in the transport markets and their various segments.

This is reflected in our business divisions’ client base: the majority of our globally active clients are domiciled in Europe (50%), followed by North America (18%) and Asia (18%).

The people who work with us are just as international; our employees belong to a wide variety of cultural circles, and come from many different nations. We employed 624 persons from 40 different nations as at 31 December 2016; there are 30 different nationalities represented within our core Transport Finance business. 284 employees work in Germany and 340 in our international locations.

We invest in state-of-the art communication technology, supporting everyday collaboration across borders: for instance, our staff use an internal messenger software to exchange information at any time, and our web and video conferencing tools facilitate ”virtual” meetings across locations.

Back in 2007 we joined the corporate initiative „Diversity Charta“ and thus committed ourselves to ongoing active promotion of our workforce‘s diversity.