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As a listed company active in the capital market, DVB is obliged to prepare its consolidated financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The single-entity financial statements of DVB Bank SE are prepared in accordance with the German Commercial Code.

The management reports and the consolidated management reports are prepared in line with the structure and criteria set out in German Accounting Standard 20.

Latest report: Group Annual Report 2016 

Cover image of DVB Bank Group's Annual Report 2016

During the financial year 2016, DVB's business performance was characterised by positive developments, but also by major challenges. The Aviation Finance and Land Transport Finance divisions again contributed positively to the Bank’s results, as in previous years. The persistent downturn in numerous segments of the shipping industry and an ongoing challenging environment for the offshore markets – caused by low oil prices – negatively impacted upon the Bank’s financial performance.

Group Annual Report


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Group Annual Report 2016
SE Annual Report 2016 (available in German only)
Quarterly Statement – Nine-month results 2016
Half-Yearly Financial Report 2016
Quarterly Statement – Three-month results 2016
Annual Client Information 2016