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Directors' dealings

In accordance with section 15 a of the WpHG, persons discharging managerial responsibilities within an issuer of shares, are obliged to notify the issuer and the German Supervisory Authority (BaFin) of own transactions in shares of the issuer or financial instruments based on them. This duty applies to, amongst others, members of boards of managing directors and of supervisory boards as well as parties who are closely associated with such persons (e.g. family members).

To comply with its disclosure obligations regarding directors' dealings, DVB has commissioned EQS Group AG (EQS), Munich, to perform such disclosures on its behalf. Within the scope of this commission, DVB submits notifications of persons or entities subject to disclosure obligations to EQS without delay. The EQS service complies with all legal requirements vis-à-vis the persons or entities subject to disclosure obligations, and DVB, pursuant to section 15 a of the WpHG. Specifically, EQS

  • promptly forwards notifications received to BaFin;
  • publishes such notifications on the EQS/DGAP portal;
  • ensures that the notification remains available to the public for a minimum period of one month;
  • submits evidence of publication to BaFin, as required by law.

Directors' dealings notifications reported by DVB, and published via EQS