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Management system

DVB changed its legal form from a German corporation (AG) to a European public limited-liability company (Societas Europaea or SE), retroactive to 1 January 2008.

One special feature of the SE in contrast to the AG is its more flexible corporate governance, meaning in the structures for the management and supervision of the company. In the case of an SE, there is a choice between a single-board and a dual-board structure, amongst others. Contrary to the situation with an SE, only the dual-board structure is permitted for a German corporation.

In the case of a single-board structure, in addition to the General Meeting there is only one management body, which manages the company, determines the basic standards for its activities, and supervises their implementation. In the dual-board structure, there are two other executive bodies prescribed in addition to the General Meeting, one of which conducts the company’s business (management body: Board of Managing Directors) and the other supervises the management (supervising body: Supervisory Board/SB).

Upon its change of legal form DVB Bank SE decided to retain the dual-board structure.

Dual-board structure