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Land Transport Finance

Consistent client franchise

“We highly value our client relationships. The goal is to increase our client franchise as the leading rail asset financing partner in our core regions. We offer added value by advising on intelligent asset finance solutions, and taking appropriate risk positions that capitalise on the cyclical nature of the underlying sectors. Our services are based on our unique understanding of the market, our focus, our capacity to execute, and on our flexibility.”

DVB's Land Transport Finance team is continuously on the tracks in our main markets, Europe, North America, and Australia. Unlike some of our competitors, we refrain from erratic changes in strategy – instead, we consistently adhere to our cycle-neutral approach to our business.

Our clients clearly appreciate our clear focus on asset-based finance and in-depth market expertise which they can draw upon at any stage of the market cycle. In close co-operation with our clients, we devise efficient and customised financing structures.

Thanks to our sustained client service, we have been able to further expand our position as one of the leading financiers of land transport assets, both in the primary and secondary market. More than ever, DVB is recognised as the reference bank in the land transport segments.

This strong market standing and the continuous dialogue we maintain with our clients on optimal financings have enabled our dynamic Land Transport Finance team to win prestigious awards over recent years.