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DVB Bank's Aviation Finance

Aviation Finance

Integrated platform solutions

"As an asset-based bank with a hybrid culture, our strategy is to be the leading global institution for the provision of structured asset lending, advisory, research, investment and asset management services to any entity involved in building, trading, operating or owning commercial aircraft at any point in time along the industry and finance cycles."

Our Aviation Finance team and our clients benefit from our unique and integrated platform, with a range of products and services covering the entire lifecycle of aircraft and engines. Consequently, our strategy is geared to offering our clients the most efficient services “where money and metal meet” – irrespective of industry and economic cycles.

DVB provides asset financing on the basis of sound research and a deep understanding of aviation markets and specific types of aircraft. Our experts have gained their wings through many years of experience in the banking business as well as in the aviation industry – with airlines, manufacturers, asset managers and lessors.

This is why our Aviation Finance team has regularly won outstanding awards.