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SWOT analysis

DVB's business model is based on a detailed analysis of its key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats – a so-called SWOT analysis. Our competitive strengths and business opportunities clearly distinguish the Bank from other market participants. It is this competitive edge that allows us to successfully deal with the challenges of cyclical markets, and to act in the best interests of our discerning clients.

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  • Clearly focused business model with a unique specialisation, cycle-neutral business approach, and global presence in all key transport markets 
  • Conservative and sustainable business policy
  • Transparent structures, high degree of flexibility and fast decisions
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff 
  • Customised products and services, high level of client service, as well as close contacts to manufacturers and leasing companies
  • Extensive market and asset expertise
  • Credit portfolio diversified by multiple criteria and categories 
  • Advanced risk management and pricing systems
  • Granular and matched-maturity funding
  • Sound capital base due to own funds


  • Higher liquidity costs, compared to most competitors
  • Direct relationship between the Bank's business development and GDP growth
  • Relatively high sector exposure 
  • Global presence requires high staff resources 
  • High staff costs due to high levels of employee qualification in terms of academic expertise and experience
  • No material client deposits 
  • Exposure to the Euro/US dollar exchange rate, with an impact on growth and results 


  • Realisation of margins in line with risks taken
  • Expansion of anti-cyclical Investment Management activities
  • Building new client relationships
  • Numerous initiatives taken to broaden the product portfolio and enhance cross-selling
  • Funding available through access to the extensive liquidity offered by the German Cooperative Financial Services Network
  • Expanding the advisory and other services offered to clients, investors, and banks
  • Boosting DVB's reputation as a reliable partner to the international transport industry


  • High level of early repayments negatively impacting the net interest margin 
  • Rising number of insolvencies, especially in the shipping and offshore markets
  • Significant decline in transport asset values, in various market segments
  • Rising threat of recession, on a global scale
  • Distortions on the global financial markets
  • Indebtedness of certain industrial nations and emerging economies
  • Rise of the US dollar against the euro
  • Further increasing regulatory requirements
  • Development of commodity prices, in particular oil prices