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Social responsibility – corporate citizenship

Social responsibility matters to us. Therefore we regularly support charities through donations – be it money, time, or resources. Within the scope of our sustainability programme, we developed a corporate citizenship concept, to assume more social responsibility, to build team spirit and motivation amongst our staff, and to take a more systematic approach with the integration of our social activities into the business divisions, boosting the economic benefit of individual measures.

Infographic on DVB Bank's corporate citizenship activities in 2016 

The corporate citizenship concept, implemented in January of 2016 on a global scale, fits our Bank and reflects our culture: The process matches the flat hierarchy which characterises DVB and allows for greater autonomy of each individual employee. This means that employees are welcome to bring forward suggestions for projects that they feel should be supported. With this open approach, we include all colleagues as our most valuable asset and foster their high community engagement.

We have an online tool in place for members of staff to submit their ideas. The tool also explains our corporate citizenship guidelines and criteria. The input fields are designed to make it easy for employees to describe their idea, and easy for the evaluation team to assess incoming suggestions promptly. Our Group Compliance is closely involved to ensure compliance with our internal guidelines and self-regulatory codes adopted on a voluntary basis. This means, for example, that we do not support organisations whose main interest are political or religious in nature, and no organisations that discriminate or are perceived as discriminatory. On a quarterly basis, the Board of Managing Directors receives reports on all ideas submitted and initiatives supported.

We donated a total of €51,344.00 during 2016. Of the total amount, 73.3% was provided to initiatives proposed by employees, with the remaining 26.7% allocated to campaigns which clients made us aware of. About half of these donations were directed to corporate volunteering projects, in which 62 employees participated. Overall, we supported 17 charities with a particular focus on society, education and environment.

Areas of activity

Bar chart illustrating DVB Bank's donations by activity as at 31 Dec 2016 

From a geographical point of view, 52.4% of donations were made in support of initiatives proposed by our colleagues in Europe, 25.5% of suggestions came from North and South America, and 22.0% were made in Asian locations.

The number and diversity of suggestions brought forward by our employees during 2016 is proof that our staff have embraced the diversified corporate citizen concept and that our goals have been reached.

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