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The specialist in international transport finance

“At DVB, we make deals work. This means striving to seek and develop intelligent and appropriate solutions that meet and even exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. We go the extra mile to constantly and thoroughly research and study our industry. Often, this leads us to challenge conventional wisdom when offering our focused range of financing services.”

DVB enjoys a unique position, thanks to its strategic focus on the international transport market, with the submarkets of shipping, aviation, offshore, and land transport. As a highly-specialised bank, DVB offers its more than 600 clients and client groups a broad range of customised financial services. Our mission statement above captures both the Bank’s real accomplishments and its vision of the future.

DVB's highly-qualified and experienced staff focus on arranging and providing structured financing solutions, advisory services, and investment activities on behalf of its clients. We market our products and services through eleven offices located in key transport hubs all around the world. This global presence enables us to take into account the international dimension as well as the local specifics of the markets in which our clients operate, ensuring in-depth client coverage. At the same time, we are thus in a position to maintain close contacts to manufacturers and leasing companies.

The Bank’s financial services can largely be allocated to six value-adding areas. We support clients in our Shipping Finance, Aviation Finance, Offshore Finance and Land Transport Finance divisions in the key product areas of Structured Asset Lending, Asset Management, Client Account, Risk Distribution & Loan Participations, Corporate Finance Solutions, and Private Equity Sourcing & Investments.

In this context, our renowned, award-winning Asset & Market Research provides the basis for the activities of our business divisions. The teams’ long-standing experience and research know-how shape our financing products and advisory services and serve as basis for continuously developing and fine-tuning our core areas of expertise.

Clearly defined business model

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Structured Asset Lending

In addition to traditional asset finance for financing mobile transport assets, we offer our clients in Shipping Finance, Aviation Finance, Offshore Finance and Land Transport Finance tailor-made and structured solutions for complex financing projects, often covering multiple jurisdictions.

Asset Management

In addition to being a financing and advisory specialist, DVB provides its clients with services that focus closely on the specific assets. This holds especially true for the aviation industry. Thus, we offer far more than the traditional range of banking services. Our asset-focused services – ”close to the metal” – are available to operators and investors, but also to our competitors. Based in London, DVB’s Aviation Asset Management provides our aviation clients with a broad spectrum of services ranging from lease management, lease advisory, technical management and analysis, to remarketing.

Client Account

Since November 2013, DVB has been offering its borrowing clients the opportunity to open current accounts which are required primarily in conjunction with loan accounts. The service comprises a broad and flexible range of account types, such as income accounts, retained earnings accounts, or accounts for maintenance reserves. Term deposits complement the offer. A dedicated service centre assists our clients in managing their current and term deposit accounts. Alongside loan account management, DVB thus offers its customers a comprehensive, “one-stop” service and a central point of contact.

The product is supplemented by a special online banking portal which is accessible via the internet, 24 hours a day, every day. DVB’s clients may use this portal to inquire account balances and movements, download account statements, or send messages to our Frankfurt-based service team. All current accounts are opened under German law, and are thus covered by the deposit insurance scheme of the National Association of German Cooperative Banks (Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken e. V.).

Risk Distribution & Loan Participations

We usually employ our own capital when financing the assets of our Transport Finance clients. Notwithstanding this commitment, we syndicate portions of this lending volume – which can be substantial – to other financial institutions on the international banking market. Both for DVB and its clients, this placement of credit risks is important to ensure sufficient liquidity and adequate risk transfer.

Corporate Finance Solutions

Our DVB Corporate Finance team provides advisory and financing solutions to transport finance clients and supports them in raising capital via public offerings and private placements of equity, debt securities and structured asset finance products. Specifically, the team offers solutions in the following areas: Corporate Advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Equity & Debt Capital Markets and Structured Asset Finance.

Private Equity Sourcing & Investments

Thanks to the extensive analytic output provided by DVB's Asset & Market Research teams, and the resultant expertise regarding transport markets, the Bank is an ideal partner – both for clients requiring equity capital, and investors seeking suitable investment projects in the relevant sectors. The Shipping & Intermodal Investment Management team manages the NFC Shipping Funds, Intermodal Equipment Funds (investing in container boxes and other transport equipment), and the Stephenson Capital Fund (investing in rolling stock for rail transport). Our Aviation Investment Management team manages the Deucalion Aviation Funds, which comprise a portfolio of several closed-end funds investing in aircraft and aircraft engines.

DVB has a balanced risk profile. We pursue a forward-thinking, sustainable and advanced approach to risk management in all of our financing activities. Accordingly, the Bank's credit portfolio of €24.9 billion as at 31 March 2017 (31 December 2016: €25.9 billion) is diversified by various criteria and categories, such as the type of transport asset, vintage, manufacturer, region, borrower, user and employment situation of the transport asset concerned. Further information on our customer lending volume is available in the Investors section.