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worthy of being trusted; honest, reliable, or dependable1

able to be relied on to do or provide what is needed or right: deserving of trust2


We are trustworthy –
this facilitates reliable business relationships.

“DVB’s goal is to maintain trusting relationships on numerous levels”,
says Ralf Bedranowsky, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors.

"The banking sector is still in a crisis of confidence." Does this statement continue to apply?

Bedranowsky: "The banking sector has been in a crisis of confidence – for several years now. Many clients have had bad experiences with bank advisors, whereby banks have not exerted their influence (or did so wrongly), exploited gaps in regulation, or abused the trust their clients have placed in them. Such a distorted perception of banks – which mainly work for themselves and their owners – has strongly affected the public's view of our industry up until today. At DVB, we have always been committed to put the client focus into the center of our business conduct – resulting in mutually beneficial business propositions followed by swift transaction execution. This is how we meet our clients’ expectations."

Ralf, what makes DVB a trusted partner for its stakeholders?

Bedranowsky: "Trust is essential in business, especially so during these difficult times. Without trust, we can have no stable business relationship that is fair and profitable for both sides. In this context, we always need to cater for different relationships having different needs. Our goal is always to maintain and strengthen trusting relationships on numerous levels – between the Bank and our clients, investors, as well as other key stakeholders (industry participants, competitors, service providers, media or employees)."

What, in your opinion, are the specific and key benefits DVB offers clients?

Bedranowsky: "I am convinced that clients and business partners will perceive the following seven key benefits as compelling and stabilising:

  1. We offer customised financing, structuring and advisory services that benefit from our renowned expertise in transportation assets and markets.
  2. We offer a high level of execution competence.
  3. We run a credit portfolio that is diversified in several ways.
  4. We engage in professional and successful restructuring measures.
  5. We developed our research know-how which is unique and enjoys a high reputation.
  6. We enjoy a stable and reliable shareholder structure."

Ralf, will clients and business partners continue to be able to place their trust in DVB as a reliable partner?

Bedranowsky: "Yes, running a cycle-neutral business model makes DVB a reliable partner to our selected clients in financing and advisory services, even in a market environment that continues to be challenging. Despite the length and depth of the present shipping markets downturn, this isn’t the first storm the Bank has weathered – and on previous occasions we did not withdraw availability and presence either. This strengthens trust and deepens the intensity of our client relationships for the long term.

I am convinced that the strengths of our focus, our diversified business model, and our continuous quest for further development, will see us through these difficult times as well.

2017, we will seek to protect our business model against the persistent market distortions in shipping and offshore markets, in order to satisfy the expectations of all our stakeholders, to the extent possible – as required by our duty as diligent people of business.

Our success on the field requires well thought-out tactics and a sound defence!"