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Focus (cognitive process), selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things1

A central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity2


We are focused –
this is our competitive edge.

“DVB consistently pursues its strategic focus on the transportation industry”, says Bart Veldhuizen, Member of the Board of Managing Directors, responsible for Shipping Finance and Offshore Finance.

Bart, how does the Bank set itself apart from its competitors?

Veldhuizen: "DVB enjoys a rather unique position, thanks to its strategic focus solely on international transport. Through specific industry expertise and clearly aligned business divisions in the shipping, aviation, offshore and land transport segments, combined with focused and solid management, we differentiate ourselves from our competition as a highly focused and specialised bank.

We are strongly committed to fulfil and, hopefully exceed our clients’ expectations through tailor-made and innovative solutions. We achieve this by continuously and diligently analysing all aspects of the international transportation industry. In contrast to many of our competitors in the transport market, the unique services we offer enable us to keep moving forward through all cycles. The new business we have generated with our transport finance clients throughout 2016, despite the prolonged challenges that face the shipping industry, is a testament to DVB’s strength, resilience and expertise in both its traditional lending and advisory business."

How does the focused business model contribute to the Bank's success?

Veldhuizen: "Our business model focuses on efficiency to drive contribution margins. These will further increase with time as we are striving to reduce allowances for credit losses related to legacy exposures in the Shipping and Offshore Finance portfolio. In addition, we are boosting the Bank's profitability through "Liberty", a successfully-implemented internal initiative designed to contain costs.

We will adhere to DVB's clear and exclusive focus on the international transport sector. This unique quality differentiates us from our competition, and is highly appreciated by our clients and other stakeholders."

Bart, how will DVB ensure that its focus will not turn into a hinderance?

Veldhuizen: "Although DVB is a focused transport finance bank, we are not devoted to a single mode of transportation. Goods will always need to be moved and people will always need to travel. Today, we are challenged to ensure our banking processes and products remain at the cutting edge of technological innovation, in a rapidly changing technological environment. We are also

extending into complementary areas of business where we can create value for our clients, for example our Aviation Asset Management and Corporate Finance divisions are complementary to our core businesses and are good net contributors.

We are building upon our strengths – we are close to the markets, close to our clients, and close to the assets!"