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Diverse comes from a medieval Latin word diversificare, meaning “make dissimilar.” If you have diversified something, you have made its parts different from each other.1


We are diversified –
this is a strong differentiator.

"DVB’s high level of diversification is a key pillar of the Bank”, says Christian Hagemeyer, Member of the Board of Managing Directors, responsible for credit and risk management and the Bank’s research.

Christian, why is diversification so important to the Bank, and how is this reflected in the business model?

Hagemeyer: "Diversification is a key pillar of our business model in combination with our strategic focus, and it has grown in importance and viability. Our business model is diversified across five aspects: global clients; a broad market presence across the international transport markets; a well spread credit portfolio; diversified funding; and the diversity of our employees. This high degree of diversification is a key risk-mitigating factor – and hence, a key element of our risk policy."

What does risk mitigation through diversification mean for DVB's specific situation?

Hagemeyer: "To keep the composition of our credit portfolio as granular and economically efficient as possible, we use multiple diversification criteria and categories for managing the portfolio. Thus, we maximise the value of our credit portfolio. Specifically, we diversify by:

  • Asset types (such as ships, aircraft, offshore vessels and platforms, as well as rail rolling stock),
  • users,
  • manufacturers,
  • employment and vintage, and in terms of:
  • sectors or sub-sectors of the asset to be financed,
  • borrowers and clients,
  • types of financing, and
  • geographic transport market exposure.

This extensive diversification strengthens our risk profile, providing us with an edge over many competitors. Our resilience in the prolonged market downturn of the shipping industry has clearly been demonstrated through our performance in comparison with our peers. Despite the persistent crisis, we continue to be able to originate valuable and profitable new business with selected clients, particularly on the grounds of these diversifying criteria."

Christian, let us talk about diversification of staff, why are these important for DVB?

Hagemeyer: "Our teams are the key asset, the cornerstone of the Bank. We highly appreciate their expertise, their creativity and passion. We shape our internal collaboration through working teams which are multinational and cross-cultural. This, quite naturally, creates a working environment in which people treat each other with respect, and in which they see working with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds as nothing out of the ordinary. Reflecting this, we joined the Diversity Charter back in 2007. By joining this corporate initiative we committed ourselves to ongoing active promotion of our workforce’s diversity. Hence, our staff bring a great variety of backgrounds, influences, cultures and capabilities to the table – and not least, varied views on markets, assets, and stakeholders. This has tremendous benefits for collaboration. It’s also important for our clients and business partners, many of whom have a multicultural and international profile themselves.

In discussions with colleagues I’m constantly hearing a high degree of identification with our focused and diversified business model, and a strong commitment to our Bank.

This is truly remarkable!"