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Competent having suitable or sufficient skill, knowledge, experience, etc., for some purpose; properly qualified1


We are competent –
this makes us unique in our industry.

“DVB’s core strength is our specialised teams”, says David Goring-Thomas, Member of the Board of Managing Directors, responsible for Aviation Finance and Land Transport Finance.

David, what are DVB's core areas of competence and expertise?

Goring-Thomas: "Our core strength, in my view, is our specialised teams, with a mix of bankers and others coming from the industry. This gives us an unparalleled view about the right strategies and transactions to follow. Over the years, the fact that we have had specialists consistently contributing through the decision-making process has been a competitive advantage in that our clients have experienced a great reliability in our decision-making. In turn, our clients have then approached us for our ability to execute transactions, often at premium terms and pricing. We are lucky in DVB to have the specialised Asset & Market Research teams. Our competitors do not have access to that type of capability, which over time enables us to make smarter decisions, be it on strategy, deal-by-deal, or otherwise."

How will we be able to continue to sustainably strengthen the DVB brand as a transport finance specialist?

Goring-Thomas: "I am certain, that over the past years, we have successfully established the DVB brand. Market participants have gained a clear perception of DVB as a specialist institution and an expert in our space. To sustain that brand, and strengthen it, is an equal challenge, but we will do so by maintaining our critical focus on our markets, intensifying our industry contacts, and by further developing our key competencies, all of which will enable us to be active for our customers in both favourable and more difficult times. It will be during the challenging markets, when we are consistently active in supporting our clients, whilst many of our less specialised competitors have withdrawn from the market, that DVB's 'value' will be most evident."

David, what steps will the Bank take to ensure the present high level of competency is sustained?

Goring-Thomas: "Our biggest assets is our staff and the expertise they bring, but of almost equal importance is how the skills of each individual are harnessed and effectively utilised. So, people and processes!

For a bank of the size of DVB, with just 624 staff, we must be deeply committed to human resource development and should use all of the tools at our disposal to do. This of course requires training, but it is also about looking first for the internal solution when promotion and other development opportunities arise. Turning to our processes, the other significant investment we must make is in technology: which is required to further optimise the way in which we do things, and the efficiency of what we do. With the right systems and processes, we will be able to maximise the impact of the competencies of our staff.

Our core competency, for which we are most renowned, is that we deliver effective financing solutions to our customers. This is what they are used to - and what they expect - from us. Following 2016's bruising result, we must work to ensure a continuing trust in our stakeholder relationships, which should not be taken for granted, but are necessary for us to deliver the capital and services which our clients expect.

The expertise and competency of our staff is of course needed to bring us through these tougher times, but moreover it is our ability to learn the lessons of the past, as well as to install and follow best-practices, which will define our future success. For this reason, we will continue to foster and enhance the DVB "one bank, one culture, one spirit" concept, with teamwork being a central pillar.

It is all about competence!"