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DVB Bank

The specialist in international transport finance

At DVB, we make deals work. This means striving to seek and develop intelligent and appropriate solutions that meet and even exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

Shipping Finance der DVB Bank

In-depth expertise

We support our shipping clients with customised financing solutions in the sectors we cover. Our in-depth know-how encompasses different vessel types, value-creation chains, freight flows and networks.

DVB Bank's Aviation Finance

Integrated platform solutions

As a hybrid institution, we provide our customers with the most efficient blend of capital and services at any period in time and at any point along the industry cycle.

DVB Bank's Offshore Finance

Highly specialised industry

Through close relations with our clients and detailed knowledge of their specialised industry and equipment, we provide value added and integrated financial solutions to meet clients’ strategic needs to optimise debt and equity financings.

DVB Bank's Land Transport Finance

Consistent client franchise

We highly value our client relationships. The goal is to increase our client franchise as the leading rail asset financing partner in our core regions. We offer added value by advising on intelligent asset finance solutions.


DVB Bank posts consolidated net loss (preliminary and not yet certified)

DVB reported a consolidated net loss before taxes of €135.3 million for 2016 (previous year: consolidated net income of €46.1 million).


Performance 1, 2017

Interview with David Goring Thomas, Member of the Board of Managing Directors, who talks about DVB's expertise, the future of the Bank's Aviation platform and gives an outlook on Aviation Finance and Land Transport Finance.


Investor Presentation

Overview of DVB's financials and outlook, business model, lending volume and portfolio data


Group Annual Report 2016

DVB Bank Group's financial results as at 31 December 2016

Key performance information

on DVB’s financial performance, customer lending, indicators & ratios, and own funds